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Development Phases

1. 1979-1986: Electronic components manufacture.

In 1978 factory imported production line of Resistance, Ceramic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor of Thomson firm – France for mainly manufacturing electronic components: Carbon film and metal-film resistance 1/2W, 1/4W, 1/8W, power resistance from 1W to 5W, electrolytic capacitor and ceramic capacitor with diameter from 5mm to 19mm.… for exporting to some of European countries and Eastern Europe countries such as: Poland, France, Czech Republic, Hungary and a part of products providing to domestic market such as: High Command of information, Ha Noi polytechnic university, Ho Chi Minh city polytechnic university, Ho Chi Minh city  university, Dalat nuclear research institute and some of radio stations in southern provinces.

In this time of period, factory sent a lot of Engineers and workers to Czech Republic to practice how to manufacture resistance ceramic porcelain core. In years of from 1980 to 1990, factory imported one resistance production line more to manufacture resistance with capacity of from 5 million items to 45 million items per year, and imported some of fixtures to combine with current production line, to manufacture about 10 millions Miniature ceramic Capacitor per year for exporting to Czech Republic. Also, in this time, we got a very good co-operation relationship with Poland, Eastern Germany… VBH exported a lot of capacitors and resistances to these countries.

Besides components for export, factory also manufactured commodities serving for domestic demands such as: Fluorescent lamp using accumulator, Adaptor, Booster, electricity tester, fridge’s voltage stabilizer, lamp transformer, kinds of amplifier, video cassette tape … mainly providing to The Mekong River Delta’s provinces

2. 1987-1991: Assembling & Manufacturing the Audio andVideo products.

Being continuously manufacture electronic components for export, factory also invested in assembly line for household electronic equipment such as: Radio, Radio cassette, black-white TV, Colored TV… with imported components for domestic consumption .

In1989, When Informatic Technology started to develop strongly, our factory also set up a joint-venture co-operation with OSC, Vung Tau Petroleum to import   computer assembling line in BULL brand from France.

3. 1991-2004: Processing & assembling for export and Audio, Video products for domestic market

In open period for integrating to area and international, Viettronics Binh Hoa Joint Stock Company signed contracts with foreign partners such as: Escated Contract MFG PTE., LTD – Malaysia; Nemic Lambda (M) SDN. BHD; Toho zinc Co., Ltd - Japan; Alpha Electronics Co., Ltd - Japan; Nishimura Denki – Japan… about  processing and assembly for export according to OEM technology .

Converter DC-DC & AC-DC and kinds of transformers

Machines for plugging components SMT and electronic module boards
  Factory operated with high effect in this time. VBH was one of the first company in Vietnam using SMT – Surface Mounting Technology in manufacturing electronic module boards. Products of company always got high quality and be exported to most of countries all over the world.

4. From 2004 to present: Technology innovation and stable development

From now, company steps into a new stage of fierce competition in business manufacturing. We have to keep old partners, create works for work-people and find out policy to develop company. on 03/2004 Company’s steering committee has signed outwork contract with Texatronics Company – USA to do outwork assembly: electronic module board, at the same time open one more branch in Ho Nai in order to develop production from phase of manufacturing ferrite core to finish choke coil for Japanese Tohozinc Company (from output of 1.000.000 items/month to 1.500.000 - 2.000.000 items/month). 



In addition, Company always steps up production of electronic components and electronic module board, household products for domestic consumption such as: Transformer, earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) resistance, electric fan with remote control, VCD – DVD recorders, air-conditioner of 9000BTU – 12000BTU, 18000BTU, 22000BTU.


 In order to approach the market economy in innovating period, VBH company has invested, put in work a lot of production lines and new equipment; has exported hundred millions of high technology products to Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, EU and USA. Export turn-over has increased from several hundred thousand dollars to over 20 millions dollars per year.

Ø                       About equipment

Replace a lot of backward equipment by semi-automatic production lines in manufacturing transformer, choke coil and “SMT” completely automatic line in assembly DC/DC converter from “chip” components with speed of “millimeter second”.

Ø                 About technology:

Acquire new technologies from leading Japanese partners such as Nemic Lambda with high-grade transformer and converter, ALPHA - beeper, Tohozinc – choke coil and Varistor, NMD – transformer and diminutive choke coil. Manage production and product quality by strict management system and perfectly automatic equipment support.

Ø                 About training:

Many engineers and technician regularly were trained in domestic and foreign have quickly mastered new technologies, new equipment and manufactured products that meet all customers’ demands creating trust in partners.

In years of accumulating experience, VBH Company has researched and designed tens of products by itself to meet domestic need and to provide to prestigious customers such as: Sony VN, Ha Noi electronics, Tan Binh electronics, Tecapro…Self-research and design new products: “Earth leakage circuit breaker ”(ELCB) Electronic Ballast at reasonable price.


Not satisfying with current achievement, in coming time, VBH Company continuously raise to a higher level in order to co-operate with partners in manufacturing high-grade electronic module boards by BGA technology for Telecommunications electronics. This will be full of promise in route of integration into world economy.