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Company’s production capacity

       - VBH was an electronic component manufacturing factory in previous time, so now VBH has lots of experiences in the field of manufacturing electronic components: Choke coil, Converter Transformer and Switching Transformer for both packed shapes through hole and SMD. From 1994, VBH has become the first electronic company in Vietnam applying SMT (surface mounting technology) technology in manufacturing electronic module board.

  • All products were manufactured by VBH such as TV, Air-conditioner, earth leakage Circuit breaker, AC-DC converters,…  getting high remarks from customers. For offering the best satisfaction in sharply competitive market of electronic products as the present, the research and development Department of VBH has brought out targets for supporting customers with motto of meeting the technology and giving the most competitive price.

Productive equipment:

  • Component cutting and blending machine: 6 items
  • Printing machine: 4 items  
  • Assembly line for SMD component: 5 items 
  • Reflow oven : 5 items
  • Wave soldering machine (lead free and non lead free): 4 items
  • Washing machine for electronic module board: 1 item
  • Winding  machine of 1 axle and 2 axles: 42 items
  • LCR Meter: 22 items
  • Ratio Meter: 3 automatic items and 8 semi-automatic items
  • Hipot tester, Insulation Meter: 9 items
  • Rdc Meter: 4 items
  • And lots of other specialized equipment for each of product. 


  • Vietnamese standards ISO 9001: 2000.
  • Green Partner of Sony Vietnam Company.
    Applying according to ISO 14001-1996 before getting certificate.

Standards of production and personnel training:

  • System of checking and control temperature and moisture.
  • System of paying out and in materials at warehouse according to regulations FIFO.
  • ESD and electrostatic control.
  • Some of products were manufactured according to standards of RoHS or Lead free.
  • Some of products were manufactured according to safety standards of UL, CSA, TUV.
    And a lot of other technical standards were used as: 
  • IPC/WHMA-A-620
  • IPC-6011
  • IPC-A-610-Rev C.
  • ISO 2859-1:1999(E)
  • Internal training documents of wire coils, transformers, electric modules,......




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